Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Human relations skill -Be my friend

Maintaining good human relations is a personal quality in a person for a social purpose. It is based on the fact that no man is an island. Human relations development aim at  better understanding and better relationship for cohesive functioning with people.
Human relations can be maintained at several levels:

  1. Human relations in family life.
  2. Human relations in social life.
  3. Human relations in student life.

Objectives of human relations

  1. understanding  human nature.
  2. influencing human behaviour.
  3. ability to get along with people.
  4. selling oneself for employment.
  5. motivating team work
  6. interacting with people and
  7. perpetuating humanity.  

Basics of human relations   

  1. call people by their names; elders and superiors can be called with respect by their titles.
  2. Be simple, approachable and keep smiling.
  3. Be concerned about others honestly; Don't be too selfish.
  4. get rid of your own crudeness and misunderstanding.
  5. Have a feeling that everyone is good in his own way.
  6. Be a listener.
  7. congratulate a person on his success and encourage him when he is disappointed.
  8. Behave in a moderate manner and help others to succeed.

Facts to be considered

A stranger  is a friend not yet met. Cheerful disposition is best. Intolerance is worse.
Admitting one's mistake is the mark of a great man. Prejudice is bad. No need to confront others as in a tug of war. The little touch, a pat or a stroke brings great benefit. One should not generalize without understanding fully well. One can paste everything except a broken heart.

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