Thursday, March 6, 2014

Highly effective people

People are different -'Man is more than he appears to be.'

Realistic, hands - on people - practical, straight forward.
Artistic people - creative, imaginative.
Social people - patient, emphatic, generous.
Conventional people - orderly.
Enterprising people - competitive, energetic, extroverts.

People can also be categorized as 
Metal type people - brave, strong, chivalrous.
Water type people - smart, mobile, flexible.
Wood type people - kind, sympathetic, sharing.
Fire type people - expressive,energetic, easily excitable.
Earth type people - slow, steady, trustworthy

People can be classified based on their relationship with their environment

Ecosystem people - the people depend on the natural environment to meet most of their material needs. for example rural people grow food, gather wood to cook their food and build their homes with bamboo or sticks.
Biosphere people - the people who enjoy the produce of the entire biosphere e.g., people from developed countries.

People are different in their learning modes
Feelers - people -oriented, emphatic, open to feedback
Thinkers - Ideas or logic oriented,never mind about people and feelings.
Doers - best in active experimentation, involved in  projects
Watchers - keen observers, analytic,

People are evaluated and classified by FOUR things(Dale Carnegie, 1956):

  • By what they do (ACTION).
  • By how they look (APPEARANCE).
  • By what they say (KNOWLEDGE).
  • How they say it (TONE/VOICE).

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