Friday, April 4, 2014

Building powerful thoughts

 Our thoughts are conclusions, inferences drawn from what we have heard, read and observed. Thought is one of the greatest manifestations of energy. Thought is a force –having magnet – like power of attraction. The power of thought is the greatest secret of life.  One’s power is his/her ability to think positive thoughts. Brain is the organ of the mind. Mind uses the brain to produce thoughts. Each person thinks approximately sixty thousand thoughts each day. Very few people in the world produce authentic thinking. According to Dr. Ken McFarland “only 2% of the population actually thinks creatively, 3% of the individuals think that they think and 95% of the population would rather die than think.”  A powerful person has powerful thoughts. Powerful thoughts lead to a higher quality of life. To have powerful thoughts one must have a healthy mind, body and spirit. Powerful thoughts will lead to a higher quality of life. It is the powerful thoughts that inspire everyone and spark creativity.

Power of thoughts

A thought produces dual effect: vibration and form. A vibration is a wave of feeling that comes from the mind of the thinker. It expresses the character of a thought. A vibration is also known as a thought wave e.g., kind, loving, generous or angry. Every vibration is instantly followed by a form, which is a picture. Thought forms mental pictures in the mind. The intensity and the clarity of the thought determine the weight, power and shape of the form. Intense forms which are concentration, gives thought power. Thought is like a machine, which needs a switch. Emotion is the switch. Thought needs emotion to make it happen.
Thoughts à feelings/ emotionsàmental imaging àmanifestation.

Thoughts are creative

Thoughts are the causes and conditions are the effects. Thoughts are the primary creative force in anybody’s life. We create our entire world by the way we think. When we change our thinking we can change our life. “The universe is the product of a thinker, thinking mathematically,” said Lord Kelvin, the famous physicist. Everything we say, do and create first begins in thoughts.  Since thoughts are magnetic forms of energy, they travel down the mind tunnel and go beyond the physical space. “Good thoughts bear good fruits, bad thoughts bear bad fruits” said James Allen.  It is the thought which gives us the energy for success. Thomas Carlyle said, “Thought is the parent of deed” and Emerson also said, “The ancestor of every action is a thought.”
                         Thoughts à Energy à Action à Results

How to shape our thoughts?
We can shape our thoughts by the following guidelines:
  • Choosing our intentions
  • Asking ourselves powerful questions
  • Making powerful statements to ourselves.
  • Replacing weak thought patterns with powerful thought patterns.
Negative thoughts provoke negative emotions: fear, anger, frustration, worry, resentment, and guilt. Positive thoughts produce positive emotional reactions. Our thoughts determine our results. Thoughts are things. A thought produces the thing that is imagined by the thought.
5 – Rules of thought
1.       You must decide what you want.
2.       See it done.
3.       Don’t vacillate.
4.       You must have faith.
5.       Persistence reaps results.

Quotes on the power of thoughts:

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.” – Marcus Aurelius, Meditations,167 AD.

"All man's dignity lies in thought." -Blaise Pascal,1670.

“The key to every man is his thought.” –Emerson.

“Thoughts are things – so think and grow rich.” – Napoleon Hill.

“To change your life, change your thoughts.” – Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

“Thought means life, since those who do not think, do not live in any high or real sense."

"Thinking makes a man.” – A. B. Alcott.

“Let a man radically alter his thoughts and he will be astonished at the rapid transformation, it will effect in the material conditions of his life.” – James Allen.

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” – Buddha.

“I hold it true that thoughts are things; They’re endowed with bodies and breath and wings;....
We build our future, thought by thought for good or ill, yet know it not...- Henry Van Dyke.

“He who cannot change the very fabric of his thought will never be able to change his reality.” – Anwar Sadat, former President of Egypt.

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